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A View From Ireland: An Astonishing Record of Cruelty

By Erica White and Radicailín for The Radical Notion.

Legislative progress for women and LGB people in Ireland has lagged behind the rest of the developed world. Contraception was illegal here until 1993, the same year that gay sex was decriminalized. Divorce was only legalized in 1995, requiring a constitutional amendment.

Illustration of the female reproductive system

The Myth of ‘Biology Is Not Destiny’

Our bodies have been used against us since Eve plucked the apple from the tree. Our lives are constrained by our biological functions from periods to pregnancy to menopause. These are things that only happen to females. To pretend otherwise is risible.

Why does Amnesty want to silence women like me?

You know you are in the Upside Down when a famous human-rights organisation petitions your government to disenfranchise you and members of your group, to stop you from engaging in peaceful actions and voicing your concerns and opinions.