About Us

The Countess is a group of progressive women from all walks of life including doctors, lawyers and students. We are volunteer-led, self-funded and not affiliated with any political party or religion.

The Countess has members all over Ireland, and in some EU member states. Since we launched nine months ago, we have gained 10k followers across social media, hosted webinars to live audiences of a thousand, and been instrumental in shifting the discourse in Ireland.  We advocate for, and centre women and children in our work. We have working groups on prisons, sport, legislation and schools & safeguarding.  

Since launching our campaign to preserve single sex toilets in Irish schools we have received a wave of approaches and support from parents and concerned citizens who used our template letters to make their voices heard.  They do not agree with the raft of radical laws and policies being pushed through at the behest of gender identity politics. 

As such, we represent a growing constituency of people waking up to the impact of such measures (loosely terms ‘inclusivity’) on women and children. We are not interested in changing anyone’s beliefs around transgender identity. We are simply calling for a wider lens when it comes to examining the impact of these laws and policies on society. 

We are part of a growing number of people and grassroots groups worldwide, who are working together to raise awareness.

If you’d like to show support or get involved, we’d love to hear from you – get in touch.