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Aims & Objectives

Women and children deserve privacy, dignity and safety, in schools, workplaces, sport, changing rooms, toilets, hospitals, prisons and refuges. Self-ID means an end to single-sex provision. 

We provide data-driven and evidenced-based resources to concerned citizens to help them take action on these issues. We offer a safe, moderated public sphere across our platforms for people of all ages and backgrounds to question the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) and gender ideology (the belief you can change your sex) and how these impact everyday life.

We believe our democracy must work for all of us, not just a tiny minority and their allies. Our position is that trans rights are human rights. Trans-identified people must have every possible human and civil right but not at a cost to women and children.


We are calling on the Irish Government to uphold the legal protections and freedoms granted under law through our equality legislation. Discrimination on the basis of sex is permitted where it applies to intimate spaces. We are calling on policymakers to uphold the exemption in our equality legislation based on privacy. The plans for mixed-sex toilets in our schools must be rescinded immediately. The policy of mixed-sex hospital wards must end now.

We are opposed to all bills in circulation which have been brought in top-down to enforce gender ideology (the belief that one can change their sex). The Hate Crime Bill and the Anti-Conversion Therapies Bill must be scrutinised for their impact on society.

Of grave concern is the proposed amendment to our equality legislation to include gender identity as a ‘grounds’. If passed, it would mean an end to all single-sex provision with or without the need for a gender recognition certificate. This is what Biden did through his Executive Order, which is now being challenged by 30 US states.

This amendment could criminalise defence of a female-only space from male incursion. Already this is happening in other self-ID jurisdictions like Norway and provinces of Canada where women can be prosecuted for asking a man with a visible penis to leave their changing room. Males, no matter how they identify, do not belong in female-only spaces.

There is no evidence base for the medical transitioning of children. Trans ‘healthcare’ for minors results in their loss of fertility and sexual function as adults. Puberty is a natural biological process and dysphoria resolves in over 80% of cases – if there is no medical intervention. Children and minors are not equipped to make such life-altering decisions. It is normal to question identity and gender, but social transition traps children in what are often fleeting ideas and feelings. Child safeguarding of both the trans-identified child and their peers is negatively impacted by an affirmative approach. The proposed expansion of the GRA to children must be withdrawn immediately.


We are calling on the Irish government to amend the Gender Recognition Act to include medical and legal gatekeeping. It must revert to the Medical Model with its built-in gatekeeping and safeguarding. Currently men are applying for and acquiring certificates while on trial for sexual offences. These fully-intact sex offenders are being locked up with women in Ireland. This is unconscionable. 

The panel of experts that was convened to examine the issue, the Advisory Group, recommended the Medical Model – but this was amended to what we now have, the GRA. This allows anyone to self-declare – without any state or medical intervention.

If necessary, we will bring a judicial review to challenge the GRA, and we are building the requisite paper trail.


We want to live in an Ireland where women and children are not second-class citizens. For 80 out of our 100 years as a state, we incarcerated, tortured and abused unmarried mothers and their babies. The last laundry closed in 1998 and a moment later in 2015, we gave men the right to ‘become’ women before we had granted women their reproductive rights.

Now policymakers are erasing the word ‘woman’ and ‘mother’ from public health literature and legislation. They are eroding single-sex provision and child safeguarding. This is not progressive – this is another turn of the same wheel.

We will be at the table when these decisions are being made in the future.

We will advocate for and centre women and children.

We will defend them against the march of ‘inclusivity’ which is catastrophic for child safeguarding and women’s hard-won rights.