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Signatory to WoLF Submission to UN Gender Consultation

The Countess, along with forty-two other groups and forty-one individuals representing ten countries has joined the Women’s Liberation Front in calling for an end to the international implementation of “gender theory,” specifically in reference to gender identity ideology, in response to a call for input from the United Nations Independent Expert for the Human Rights Council.

Other signatories include United Families International, caWsbar (Canada), Hands Across the Aisle (U.S.), LGB Fight Back (U.S.), OBJECT (UK), Standing for Women (UK), Spinifex Press (Australia), Trans Rational Educational Voices (U.S.), and Women’s Human Rights Campaign – Brasil (view the full submission and list of signatories here). 

Here is our statement in full:

“We are proud to be a signatory of this outstanding and incisive submission by WoLF to the UN Consultation on Gender.

As a human rights and advocacy group, we represent a growing constituency in Ireland who are deeply concerned at how the new religion of gender identity has seamlessly replaced the old. Gender Ideology has been rolled out, top-down. In all countries, including Ireland, the same methodology is used:

Self-ID brought in by stealth & often latched onto popular legislation like marriage equality ( as outlined in the leaked Denton Document, referred to in the submission which names Ireland throughout)

The trojan horse of LGBT anti-bullying resources used in schools to push gender ideology without any scientific basis and in breach of safeguarding guidelines as set out under The Children First Act

The trojan horse of “inclusivity” used to erase the words Mother and Woman from the lexicon as we are seeing in the proposed Labour Maternity Bill & the HSE CervicalCheck service

Template Bills enacted to enforce the ideology across sectors by criminalising dissent (Hate Crime, Anti-Conversion Therapies), indoctrinating the young (expansion of the GRA to children) & elevating identity to trump sex/gender as a grounds in Equality Legislation therefore making it illegal to defend a female space from male incursion

We will not stand by while our government houses criminal, violent, predatory males with the most vulnerable cohort of women in society, in the female estate; when a growing number of young women amputate their breasts and take testosterone in the hope of becoming men. Women & girls are not fodder for the gender machine. We do not submit to the new religion and are calling on the UN and the Irish State to meet their obligations to protect the sex-based rights of women and to safeguard children from this harmful ideology.”

Laoise Uí Aodha de Brún