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Statement from The Countess

On Friday evening, 17 November, we held an Information Evening at the Woodford Dolmen Hotel in Carlow, despite a concerted campaign by trans extremists to de-platform us. The hotel received a barrage of calls, emails, and threats, with activists threatening to picket. We were determined to go ahead for the sake of free speech, the exchange of ideas, and, most especially, to advocate for the rights of women, children, vulnerable young people and LGB youth. It is now evident that the The Criminal Justice (Incitement to Violence or Hatred and Hate Offences) Bill 2022, if enacted, will be used by trans extremists to silence women speaking.

We had to pay for a team of private security guards for four hours to ensure the safety of this in-person event.

The evening featured a panel of experts from various Countess working groups, who provided insightful presentations on our Pillars of Concern. 

Laoise opened the evening with an overview of the law and the legal landscape.

Sorcha, lead of The Countess Sports working group, discussed male incursion into sport both globally and in Ireland. Her presentation was expertly researched and relatable.

Karen spoke for the first time on behalf of the Lesbian Erasure working group. Her searing first-person account, as well as her incisive explanation of the questionable diagnostic tools used for gender dysphoria, were both powerful and emotive, leaving no doubt that “they are transing gay kids”.

Colin spoke for the first time on safeguarding, specifically on the risk and harm caused by making toilets and changing rooms mixed-sex. It was powerful to hear a man speak up for the privacy and dignity of women and girls. 

Sandra, our Schools & Safeguarding lead, gave an in-depth analysis of the capture of the NCCA and their embedding of trans ideology into the curricula.

Laoise closed the evening on a hopeful note with news of the prison amendment Bill, which aims to remove men from female prisons. 

Questions from the audience included concerns from teachers who do not want to teach children gender ideology in the new curriculum, but who equally don’t want to lose their jobs. Attendees said the event was informative and powerful, leaving them with the tools and the confidence to speak up effectively. 

We want to offer our heartfelt thanks to the Woodford Dolmen Hotel for standing firm in the face of mobilisation and efforts to de-platform us. We ask all our supporters to thank them for standing for freedom of speech. You can email them here: Also please consider booking this wonderful venue for any event, party, or meal.

Finally, we need your help to put on more events like this one and to recover our losses due to necessary security precautions based on threats by trans extremists. Please help us recoup costs and build towards our next big event in April in Dublin. Details to be released soon.

We are never cowed, and we always keep going. Every event makes us stronger and better. We now have a total of seven polished, expert spokespeople. We have a dedicated team for the production of future events. We are proud of what we can achieve as a group of volunteers.

Gender ideology is harmful to women, children, vulnerable young people and LGB youth.  We must grow awareness and empower people to resist. We must meet, learn, and connect.

The Countess Didn’t Fight For This!