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The Erosion of Sex-based Language in Irish Legislation and Public Discourse

A new paper by The Countess, entitled “The Erosion of Sex-based Language in Irish Legislation and Public Discourse”, explains definitively how gender ideology sets out to change language in policy and law and how this impacts women.

This comprehensive paper is a deep dive into the how’s and the why’s of what is called Policy Capture, and is a great starting point for the many people who asked us on the streets during the referendum ‘Why are they doing this?’ The Irish people comprehensively rejected the proposal to remove Article 41.2 the Constitution, knowing it for what is was – a cynical attempt to enforce further erasure of women and mothers. Now they can see in detail how we got to the point where our elected government are actively working against us.

We are witnessing attempts at the political erasure of biological sex categories from official laws and language, public policy and discourse. This trend is also evident in our mainstream media outlets.

Words such as “woman, mother, etc” are being replaced by the social construct of “gender identity” and gender neutral terms e.g. “people,” “pregnant people,” “people with a cervix.”

The denial of sex has repercussions for the safeguarding of women and girls. If women and girls cannot be named, we cannot be protected, and we cannot achieve equal human rights. Our right to single-sex spaces and fair sports competitions, our bodily integrity and healthcare, are under threat from gender ideology.

This paper investigates the motivation behind the changes from sex-based language to the language of gender identity. It examines the tension between the Gender Recognition Act, 2015 and the Equality Acts, and the amendments that have already taken place to include gender-neutral terms in our laws. It also looks at how Irish law and international human rights laws were set aside or not considered when these changes occurred.

The proliferation of activist NGO’s, who are paid to promote government policies, and the undue influence they exert over politicians has led to policy capture at the level of government and public institutions, including academia. This has created an echo chamber that acts against the best interest of society, and women and children, and LGB people in particular.

This paper serves as a precursor to The Countess’s upcoming conference, “Resisting Ideology,” scheduled for April 27th at the RDS. The event will convene experts and thought leaders to address various pertinent issues. Tickets available now:

The paper can be downloaded here: