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Golf Ireland Gender Policy letter template

Golf Ireland

Carton Demesne


County Kildare

To:         President: Jim Long

President-Elect: Rosemary Tully

Chairperson: Paul Haran

Nominated Directors

Regional Executive Committees

I am a member of _________________________ Golf Club.

I am writing to inform you of my strong objection to the Gender Policy of 14 March 2023. This policy allows males to compete against females. This is unfair to women and girls who work hard to achieve success in their sport. Male advantage cannot be removed by gender reassignment treatment.

The policy does not include any evidence of stakeholder consultation or scientific studies referenced. It is not clear what evidence Golf Ireland has used as a basis for this policy.

I urge you to revise this policy to one where golfers compete in either their own sex category or in properly run mixed-sex competitions.

Kind regards,