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Gender critics plan network after Dublin book launch

By Sonja Tutty for The Sunday Times

Organiser claims event featuring trans sceptics was so popular it could have had double the attendance

Women critical of gender ideology have met in Dublin for the launch of Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality, a book by the journalist Helen Joyce.

Irish self-ID gender laws went ‘under the radar’

By Colin Coyle for The Sunday Times

IGLYO, an international network of 96 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organisations, published a report in 2019 praising Ireland for passing gender recognition legislation “under the radar” by “latching trans rights legislation on to more popular legal reforms (eg marriage equality), rather than taking more combative, public-facing approaches”.

A View From Ireland: An Astonishing Record of Cruelty

By Erica White and Radicailín for The Radical Notion.

Legislative progress for women and LGB people in Ireland has lagged behind the rest of the developed world. Contraception was illegal here until 1993, the same year that gay sex was decriminalized. Divorce was only legalized in 1995, requiring a constitutional amendment.

Accusations of transphobia stifle much-needed debate

By Stella O’Malley for The Sunday Independent

As the UK rules on puberty blockers, we must have an open discussion to protect vulnerable children, writes Stella O’Malley.

Now that the High Court in London has judged that it is no longer appropriate to use experimental treatment paths on gender- dysphoric children, the ethics of prescribing puberty blockers are being reassessed in other countries around the world.